Dropbean Standard

We love the farmers that pour their hearts and souls into making our coffee. But we have a bit of pride in the game as well: the Dropbean Standard.
Standard is our specialty coffee blend. A product we spent months perfecting. Finding the right beans to complement each other Standard is the blend we believe everybody should drink.
The Standard is a full-body, everyday coffee that’s perfect for your Americano, Lungo, and espresso. It has hints of mocha and a spicy tang that comes from our Vietnamese robusta.
We love our Standard, and if you need to start anywhere: start here!
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The Dropbean Standard is a combination of four high-quality beans. They’re selected to draw you in by the nose and to give you that rich experience you expect from good coffee.

The blend consists of Arabicas from Brazil, Colombia, and Honduras, and one Vietnamese Robusta. The beans are washed and medium-roasted.

The washing ensures that you get the full taste of the bean, and the medium-roast makes sure that you can enjoy it without being overwhelmed.

We chose the Robusta for a good reason: It wouldn’t be Dutch coffee if it didn’t come with a shot of spicy caffeine.




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Printing options You can design your coffee label in our free online editor or upload your own designs. We offer various possibilities for shapes and fonts; you can import photos, place a QR and upload your own images. Starting today, you can create your own full-color custom-label coffee brand. Without any extra charges! Be as creative as you want within the boundaries of our terms. Printing quality All labels are printed using an industrial high-quality full-color printer. Labels are glossy paper for the perfect look and feel. Label sizes for the 500 gr & 1 kg bags are: 10,2 * 15.2 cm. The label is applied to our craft pouch. All pouches have a zipper and a valve to keep the coffee fresh. The pouch may differ from the one you see in the editor. Printing requirements The label has some legal requirements. This way you know that your bag will make it through customs! 1) It must always show the quantity and the contents of the bag (coffee). You can change the font, size and placement in the editor. You can choose not to include the weight and content information. In this case, we will use separate content labels: stickers, prints, or stamps stating the net weight and that the content is whole bean coffee. 2) The bag must hold the actual blend name. This is to prevent forgery. 3) You cannot use intellectual property that is not your own. This includes 'Fair-trade' or 'Bio' logos. 4) You cannot add a date to the label: Dropbeans will date stamp the bag for you. 5) Dropbeans.com does not accept any liabilities and is not liable when our terms are violated. 6) Dropbeans.com maintains the right to cancel any order.  

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