East Timor Goulala

Coffee is so much more than a warm cup in your hand. Coffee beans are a crop that can grow in the most unimaginable places, and they take their opportunities with them.

How about in the middle of the rainforest, high up in the mountains in southeast Asia? Twenty years ago, the village of Goulala in East-Timor was dirt-poor. Bled dry by colonization, revolution, and war. But now, thanks to small-scale cooperative farming, the village, and its coffee plants, are flowering again.

East-Timor Goulala has a unique and smooth flavor: A combination of slight acidity with sweet hints of caramel and mocha. This medium roast bean is our go-to pick if you’re looking for something different but still accessible.
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East-Timor Goulala is grown at an altitude of 1450 to 1600 meters giving the Arabica a denser, more defined flavor. The beans are all handpicked and are hand-selected in a process that removes all imperfect cherries. This level of dedication results in a uniform, high-quality selection.

The product, the labor, and the profits are all local. This means that all beans are grown close to the village, inside the rainforest, in small ‘micro-plots’.

Fun fact: the rainforest canopy covers these micro-plots. This way, the topsoil is much healthier, and the beans get better nutrition. Healthy farming for both the people and the forest!



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